Press & Media Relations

The world of the press has its own codes and obligations. That is why it is often hard “to make your voice heard” and see your message released. Even if press relations need to be taken into consideration as early as the creation of your communications, we are also able to help you in this approach. We will identify and contact the right influencers who will meet your needs and match your strategy. If necessary, we will also adapt your content to make sure they get attention.

Your content is ready to be released on the French market but you have neither the time nor the right contacts to make it successful?
We are here to help you

  • We will identify for you the best communication opportunities (journalists, medias, blogs…) and implement them
  • We will ensure the correct release of your message
  • At the end of the mission, we will create a report on the communication released in the market and we will identify its impact with KPIs
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